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Best Boarding or Grooming Facility for Senior Pets

March 19, 2019

As a loving and compassionate pet owner, you inevitably want your furbaby to be in the best possible care when he is away from you.

There are two times when this is most likely to occur - when he visits the groomers and if you need to place him into boarding temporarily.

There can be many reasons why even the most dedicated owner needs to board their pet, from planned vacations or business trips to suddenly needing to go somewhere where it just isn't possible to take your furbaby. Whatever the reason for placing your pet into temporary boarding, you will inevitably want to find a facility that offers everything that your senior animal needs to remain happy and comfortable while you are separated.

There is always a great deal to think about when it comes to placing a creature into a boarding facility. However, this is especially true for those owners of older animals as there are a few more considerations that you will need to make.

Similarly, when you decide to have your pet professionally groomed at a salon, you can be sure that your furbaby will be sharing a space either currently or previously occupied by another animal. If this happens, and your precious pet comes into contact with infectious diseases as a result of your groomer having serviced a sick pet.

Does Your Senior Pet Have Any Medical Conditions?

As your pet gets older, he is more likely to suffer from health problems that necessitate the use of medications or special adaptations. As such, you need to find a boarding facility that has staff with the knowledge and experience to be able to administer these drugs on your behalf while you are away. Your chosen facility also needs to be prepared to make any adaptations that your pet needs in your absence - for example, allowing your senior dog to use puppy pads for toileting if he doesn't have the mobility to get outside, or if he suffers from incontinence.

Is All of His Preventative Care up to Date?

While most boarding facilities will insist on proof that shows that your senior pet is up to date with his core vaccinations, it is well worth ensuring his non-core vaccinations and other preventatives are effective too. This is because, as he gets older, his ability to fight illness and infections naturally decline and this could make him much more vulnerable should he come into contact with another animal with disease. Some simple viruses may not seem like a big deal, but for a pet with compromised immunity and deteriorating body function, they can prove serious and even deadly. Therefore, it is essential that you check that your furbaby is protected as he can be before he visits a boarding facility or the groomers - as in both locations he is bound to come into close contact with other animals, and you have no way of knowing if those creatures are carrying disease.

Will Your Groomer Make Adaptions for Your Senior Pet's Age and Mobility?

As your pet ages, he will inevitably become less mobile. He may even find it hard to stand for short periods of time. Any good groomer understands the importance of making sure that the animal in their care is comfortable, even if this means making adaptions to do so. Many groomers will invest in appliances to help those animals that have mobility problems, such as ramps up to platforms or tables, anti-slip mats in baths, and soft-bristled brushes that are not so harsh on sensitive skin. Your groomer should be prepared to let your pet sit or even lay if needed, and still be able to perform the services that they offer to a high standard.

When it comes to finding a suitable boarding facility or groomer for your senior pet, it is important to ask them how they handle older animals and what they can offer to ensure that your senior pet's specific needs are met and his time in their care is calm and comfortable.